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English version

I offer Italian, English and French into Dutch translations in the field of technique and law and general subjects. I am also specialised in translations in the field of survival, bushcraft, hiking, wilderness first aid, hiking guides, mountaineering and related subjects.

I can send you my cv upon request.

If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail (info@abbicci.nl) or read this website, currently only available in Dutch.

Some more information on my company
Founded Abbiccì Vertalingen & Teksten (on the 1st of October 1997). Registered with the Chamber of Commerce East-Netherlands (06085156).

Maastricht University of Applied Sciences Interpretator-Translator Course.


Building industrie
User manuals, packaging texts, leaflets and specifications for building products.

Manuals for agricultural machinery, trucks and cars.

Technical in general
Manuals and leaflets for all kind of machines.

All kind of general texts, like contracts, marketing, websites, tourist information, product information sheets.

At the moment I only translate legal documents that have a general character, like contracts, warranties …

Specialisation in Outdoor Sports
Books and texts about outdoor (outdoor sports): including survival, bushcraft, hiking/trekking, mountain walking, canoeing.
Acquired knowledge through theory and practical education and courses, practical experience and self-study.
Courses followed:
- October 2007: basic course in bush craft (1 week) in Drenthe (The Netherlands)
- November 2008: survival/bush craft weekend in the Ardennes (Belgium)
- Entire 2009: course leading to qualification as Canadian Survival and Woods Travel Instructor (course completed – mostly in English – followed in the Netherlands, France and Canada)
Course components:
- Flora and Fauna (identification of animals, vegetation and animal tracks)
- Navigation and orientation (setting out routes, map reading, compass reading, GPS)
- Survival techniques (shelter, fire, knife and axe, hunting methods, wood carving skills, outdoor cooking)
- Mountaineering (rock climbing, via ferrata, rope techniques, rescue techniques, man tracking, wilderness-First Aid)

Owner and wilderness guide at Northern Pioneers Wildernistrekkings (organisation and guiding of adventurous holidays in the wilderness of Northern Europe)

See www.northern-pioneers.nl